What are you watching

I am watching some funny court room drama called “Trial and Error”,

Not bad. Suggest any other court room drama movie or series.

I am watching my KC Coconut na maji moto na ndimu

Waiting for the Jacaranda rally…#resist

Deepest oceans on YouTube

Good to know I am represented.

Marsha and the Bear…

Ungejiangalia coomer tu instead. Same thing.


Watching Series ya military inajiita “the brave” ni motooo



been watching hawaii five-0. sn 8

:D:D:D:D. Woi.

Riddick… Vin diesel can’t act to save his life…:D:D:D

Wewe mtoto ya umbwa ni mavi uko nayo kwa akili…

America’s Got Talent Season 12.

My promise features in a porn movie by that name.

Watch: law and order; True crime. Very nice complete series.

So far, i have watched the movies American Made and Shot caller,


About to watch Wind River


For those of u who like theatre stuff, here is Dogville…


watching kadem flani kameinama hapa inje ya shop

I know that @this is hard for you to take in. But soon enough you will know that you were just a @Useless Spectator