what are you thinking of...

this among other irritating questions these daughters we married disturb us when we are having a debate on important issues

today before i was disturbed i was thinking of how Contes 3-5-2 seems to be tactically inferior as compared to previous 3-4-3, ofcouse it is not his job to put the ball in the net

morata is a deadwood,transfer policy at chelsea is plainly stupid. Matina the replacement to Emenalo has an evil grin while she is shafting us

what we need now is long range shooters: bring David luiz in the mid field, sell bakayoko, make Fabregas to become more pinnacle in attacks and helping create more chances, it will allow Eden Hazard ahead of him to drop in, go wide and roam to get the best out of him. And it will also see more creativity from deep if we have Drinkwater for example using his vision in a more natural role.

In the process sign a decent striker e.g Vardy, otherwise if we play barcelona like this we will be hammered properly.

Kwanza Gunners inachapa nyinyi mbaya sana in a fortnight

naona hivyo pia but alot could have changed by then.

@fisi fc njoo usome hii…‘sell bakayoko’

The team lacks consistency and finishing. Morata should watch Drogba dvds for inspiration.

Hio hapana. He is young and is getting experience every time he starts.

kijana ya wenger mnanunua mkulima yupi kureplace sanchez?

it would be better then to loan him he looses possesion easily

Bakayoko ni mauzo we haven’t made any notable signing this season we need a miracle to beat Barca

it would be better usage of his time than applying gel on his hair

we actually dont need a big name signing save for a stricker, just making the mid more creative.

jamaa wamebreak hazard na pedro wametoka unyoya expecting through pass jamaa anageuka na kupiga backpass mpaka kwa Cahill…:frowning:

Shabba ranks tosha gari. Position 6 loading…:frowning:

jamaa inawachwa na cech peke yake but decide rather than shooting wacha niweke madoido ya kujaribu kuchenga 2 defenders who are now approaching him

mkiwa na huyo ligi by march mtakuwa mmechukua

Ndio maana chelsea walinunua barkley. He is supposed to make runs na afunge, link attack and defence. Bakayoko has failed in that role and wanawaste hazard with too much work

I agree with talkers,your not @Wakanyama .

Morata is not fit to clean lingard’s boots…:D:D:D. Na hamna haya mkicompare Lukaku na Morata.

besides spreading his hand like a moringa tree what is so special in lukaku?

niaje shemeji