What are you listening to now?nolstagic Thursdays

mimi hapa nacheza:
Nina Simone-dontlet me be misunderstood,spell on you,feeling good,
Tupac-changes,do for love,brenda got a baby
Bob Marley-exodus album yote
Jay z -99problems.hard nock life
Necessary noize-kenyan girl/boy
Mary Atieno-adamu na hawa
[SIZE=2]John njagi-korwo nindakui tene[/SIZE]


Girly girly Sophia George…
Young man you too girlie girlie You jus a flash it round the worldie Young man you too girlie girlie You jus a flash it round the worldie. Him have one up here One down there One in Hannover One down a vere. One she’s a lawyer One she’s a doctor One wen dem work with a little contractor. One down a east One down a west Him have one up north and two down south One a sell cigarettes on the roundabout - lord. Young man you too girlie girlie You jus a flash it round the worldie . . . Him have one go a school One gawn fool fool Him have one everytime me say she thinks a she rules One she a nurse she say she come first The other night them going out dem pick her new purse. One a sell star One work in a bar A she can smile when the two a dem a spar One gettie gettie One…

Kumekuwa na power outage so generator kicked in, am I safe to say am listening to Yamaha featuring petrol?

wah…iyo ndio nolstagia…imenikumbusha wayyyyyyy back tukiendaga reggae za papa lefty kwa social hall ya M.O.W…na pia jeff Mwangemi akifanya “yours for the asking” pale kbc

yeah.still ni sounds:D





Tupac Shakur and Outlawz- Teardrops and closed caskets
Cold Play- Cemeteries in London
Down Low- R-Kelly
Empire of the Sun-Walking on a dream
Engima- Return of Innocence
Foster the people- Sit next to me
SOS Band- just be good to me
Laura Branigan- Self Control
Martika-Toy soldiers
M83- Midnight City
Twista & Kanye West- Slow jam
Of Monsters and Men- Human

That’s my afternoon playlist

Niko juu ya staind na creed.

Africa _Toto

I Love College _Asher Roth

Summer of 69_ Bryan Adams

Afro Man_Because I Got High

In The Summertime_Mungo Jerry

Bob Marley ft Lauryn Hill_Turn Your Lights Down Low







used to be one of my favourite karaoke tunes

it took me some time(years) to realise the first line is:“i got my first real six-string”…and not :“i got my first real sex dream”…
but anyway those were the best days of my life too