What are the legal requirements for starting a security firm?

I want to start a security company, mainly guards,k9 and cctv. Anybody on the know please share.

uliza watchmen kama @pamba na @Mundu Mulosi

uliza watchmen kama @@pamba na @@Mundu Mulosi

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In the old order, there was some vetting and background check done by the then Provincial Security Committee that was chaired by the P.C. I do not know which organ succeeded this at the moment.

  1. being able to guarantee “tight security”:slight_smile:
  2. http://softkenya.com/law/registration-of-companies-in-kenya/
  3. check attachment

Was it passed to law since that’s just a bill also what was preceding this?

1.Open a recruiting office in Kawangware.
2.Hire a bunch of Luyha’s (Men and women)
3.Identify an open ground and assemble them there every morning.
4.Teach them how to march(They don’t have to do it like the army or cops, slightly worse than Kanjo will do.
5.Buy some uniform with funny colours.
6.Buy some rungus.
7.Look for clients and you’re in business, who bothers about licencing?

  1. mbwa koko will do for the k9 unit.

Certificate of good conduct for all directors…alafu vetting by County Security Committee. The rest ni registration like any other company.

I once read a very inspiring story some years back about the founder of GILLYS SECURITY and how he started the firm. Before starting Gillys, he worked as a Sales Manager in a local security firm earning a mere Kshs 12,000/- a month. One morning, he reported to work as usual only to find a retrenchment letter waiting for him and so he found himself jobless yet he had a family to take care of. With the security experience he had acquired from his previous employer, he set out on starting his own security firm and so he paid a visit to the company registrar office & registered Gillys. With some of his savings and some money he borrowed from his best friends, he hired a few guards and embarked on establishing & marketing Gillys. The first few months were hard, he rode on a bicycle knocking from door trying to win clients and sometimes he would get rained on due to weather change. After a few months of hardwork, he got his first contract of a figure close to a million shillings from NSSF I think. With that money, he paid his employees their first salaries, settled his debts and the rest is history. Today, Gillys Security & Investigation Services Ltd is a giant. Check-out their website http://www.gillyssecurity.co.ke/ . So, web dev I hope you are encouraged by this story. Kenya needs more people like you. When you start the biz, don’t just think of the money you could make but also how many jobs you shall create and how many families you shall help sustain coz of this.

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So wewe ni soja ukweli?