What and where it is going down this weekend

leo being first weekend kakitu kameingia na kaniwasha mahali nitaenda kukaspend…
Already nina izi options but naweza sample more places…na pia tunaeza saidiana kwa wale tunatafta weekend plans

1.Ohangla-lady maureen(canteen jogoo road),emma jalamo(dream village southb)
2.Mugithi…nippeni suggestions
3.Live music:kidum(club nixen Nairobi west)
4.Plays-Haka maguta(KNT),Poison ivy(Alliance Francaise)
5.Kujiachilia mode-Seven’s lounge…juu beer ni cheap
6.Family outing:westgate kiddie treat kesho 4th
7.Hiking:nipewe suggestions
8.Out of town trip/getaway
9.Dobba ya malege na maluts:Reggae in the sun godown arts centre

Where else is it going down?

More Details on number 9 prisss


Club batis strippers @Starscream atakua akuchunge usipakwe mavi

Jambo grill off Garden city exit. Iko after Bluesprings.

Ngong hills

Naivasha or Sagana. your choice

…nani anacheza mugithii hapa?

band fulani. very underrated


heehee…uko na ufala sana…this is just a con…Kwanza ameeka low fees ndio ashike peasants wote vizuri

Chunga Moral police Mutua asione hii!

Mwaga ndani leo siendi mahali i have the flu

Gorra say I party hard in my house with Kodak Black…hia. He also washes your eyes. He has told us to say Glee Glee in this song(…but most importantly he has taught us that you can rise from the ashes.) Tunampenda sana.

ok…i have always known you are a lil freak…:cool:

I am v freaky when it comes to my choice of music… I listen to anything that hits my ear lobs, then I go check out the lyrics online. Good music is like poetry and history combined. Does not matter who is singing it to me.

Kodac is saying a lot in his new album. The messages.

And this Canadian-African bro below is always a winner.

Birikicho think the judge ruled that my boy goes back inside to the pen and cool his heels there.:frowning:

hehee…mtu mweusi hafai kubebabeba silaha ovyovyo…

oh…chill…am supposed to empathize with ya