What a war with Iran could look like

Good analysis without any bias


Very good analysis.

There will be no war. Simple

There will be no war between US and Iran. But I guarantee you Israel will attack Iran

[COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]Iran could end up like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. Don’t joke with Americans

We Persia are baiting US we will sink those toys they brag about them.

Hawakurusha rockets like last week? Killing civilians in the process like the pussies they are…

This video paints a very optimistic picture from Iranians of which I am not boarding. Its possible Iranians paid someone to do this video

Trump boys in the kitchen cooking that %#&^$#*

The Americans are yet to win the battle in Afghanistan, don’t joke with the Taliban.

Na katanuka lini haka kakitu?

Bottom line is anko Sam is fighting wars in multiple wars…hapo watashindwa tu juu ya luck of focus

Follow the money. There was a time Iraq currency was worth three times more than the dollar before shiet got fucked up real quick.
This is how it starts [ATTACH=full]245950[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]245951[/ATTACH]

Americans aren’t interested in winning but keeping their arms manufacturers in business. The longer the war means more business for their arms manufactures, the likes of Lockheen Martin and BAEs systems. That’s why Trump is busy forcing countries like Turkey to buy their weapons And who cares, the war is not in their soil.