What a man can do a woman can do better blind

This is why I love women. They are just unstoppable. So inspiring.



C utakufa na depression. I thought you are a stud. Emotions mob ni za nini? Welcome to a planet called earth.

Yeah well if any woman is able to push a cart bare chested ill share your fantasy:cool:

Why do you people not appreciate these blind people doing exceptionally well. Juzi I put a link of a blind male lawyer mukasema I’m a simp. Leo ni emotions mingi. I think if you can’t see good in others it is you that is depressed and emotionally unstable. You must be very frustrated to feel competitive towards a blind person. Anyway I know that the bulk of the men here are a frustrated and depressed lot. You are here to drown your sorrow that’s why you can’t appreciate any one, no sympathy even for the blind. Please don’t project your deep dep in my good post and don’t commit suicide bcz I’m blocking you. Don’t need such toxins in my life. Post is very positive and then you bring negative things to it. You thou I’m a stud? LOL. Where did you get that idea? From your mother? Machungu na mafeelings Peleka Hague. Goodbye. And RTS.