What a Hypocrite.....He is also Partisan

Yesterday in the presser, chebukati portrayed some commissioners as partisan. He claimed that the commission is divided and this is hindering his work. What he failed to tell us is that he is not neutral, and belongs to one of the two sides that the commissioners have divided themselves into, one supporting government agendas, the other for opposition. I cant believe that he advocated for the election to be called off after the withdrawal of babuon. It seems he is reading from the same script as the opposition. No wonder nobody is calling for his resignation, they only want Chiloba out. And his memos are always leaking. Yesterday, he called for a dialogue, the same thing that naswa is asking. I now agree with @GUKA that the guy should be ousted and replaced before he messes us more by resigning some few days to the polls. Check the story below


IEBC was always divided: 4-3 By Geoffrey Mosoku | Published Thu, October 19th 2017 at 00:00, Updated October 18th 2017 at 21:51 GMT +3 SHARE THIS ARTICLE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati Divisions within the electoral commission have been witnessed before and after the August 8 elections. Officials at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) virtually failed to take a common stand on any issue. ALSO READ: What must be done or IEBC boss walks away from it all From procurement to staff deployment, IEBC chiefs continuously clashed as suspicions about external interference plagued the agency. And finally, Wednesday, what had been rumoured played out in the open when chairman Wafula Chebukati acknowledged the rift. “The expectation Kenyans have of me is high yet I cannot move forward with a divided commission," the IEBC boss told the country yesterday. “As a lawyer, I cannot continue to be pushed by majority commissioners to accept legal opinions that serve partisan interests and are not grounded in the Constitution or law.” Mr Chebukati was addressing a press conference hours after his ally in the commission, Roselyn Akombe, resigned citing frustration, security fears and a cracked commission. Just like Chebukati, Dr Akombe also alluded to an agency whose members and secretariat appeared to be remote-controlled from elsewhere and could not deliver credible polls. “It has become increasingly difficult to attend plenary meetings where commissioners come ready to vote along partisan lines and not to discuss the merit of issues before them,” she said in her resignation statement. Chebukati, Akombe and Margaret Mwachanya often found themselves in the minority against vice chairperson Connie Maina, who had the backing of Abdi Guliye, Boya Molu and Paul Kurgat. ALSO READ: NASA sabotaging IEBC, says Uhuru Chebukati’s frustration was witnessed last Wednesday after he walked out of a meeting to discuss the impact of Raila Odinga’s withdrawal from the race. The chairman, supported by the two commissioners, pushed to have the poll called off altogether, but the other four shot down the proposal. It was then that Chebukati and his allies staged a march-out and allowed the majority to communicate their decision to Kenyans, which was done in an unsigned statement. The four commissioners resolved to have the polls proceed as scheduled on October 26, a position that has been pushed by Jubilee Party. On the day of the plenary sitting, Deputy President William Ruto was in Kajiado where he insisted the vote had to proceed, especially after the High Court ruled that Thirdway Alliance Kenya presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot should be included on the ballot. Last month, rifts at IEBC were exposed after Chebukati appointed a poll project team to ‘sideline’ CEO Ezra Chiloba and other officials.
Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001257761/iebc-was-always-divided-4-3

Chebukati and Akombe are simply Nasa people complaining that Jubilee has the majority in the boardroom.
I just have 2 questions.

  1. Why is it that both think their views should prevail?
  2. If the tables were turned, would they be resigning?

Decisions are made by majorities, even at the Supreme Court. They should learn to live with them the way Jubilee has.

Disastrous times ahead. If he resigns, elections will be impossible on 26th. Here’s why;
No one among the remaining commissioners would be able to replace him juu lazima ukuwe lawyer and capable of being a Supreme Court Judge

Do you even understand what is happening?

The laws that take care of that are on UKs table waiting for @chebukatineza to throw in the towel uone kidole ikipigwa na mtukufu rais ata kama ni midnight of 25/10/2017.

Nasa side of the commission is complaining that Jubilee side has the majority and outvotes them every time.

So anybody who does not sing Jubilee song is a hypocrite and partisan. You people have been brainwashed. These are people of integrity and world class professionals now because theyre not singing Tano Tena theyve become traitors and hypocrites? Yet you are the same people who extolled their values and credibility not so long ago? There was no problem when under duress they declared vifaranga vya computer the winners. Let this good people teach Kenyans what integrity is

keep off this thread if you do not understand anything, the commission is divided as he said, but he is not on a neutral side, he belongs to one of the side. Therefore, he does not have the moral authority to call others out

In your statement, replace Jubilee with Nasa/Raila and it makes even more sense.

Upussuuuu. You must agree with muthamaki wishes to be called a patriot or neutral. That kind of mentality is soooo old. Anybody of sound mind and not blinded by these politics could see the sincerity of the chairman…na nyinyi hapa mukiongoswo na mwisi 1 Ruto are very fast to condemn him.

yeah we understand that supreme court ordered us to fresh elections through voting not reasoning by the learned friends in high place and BABUON has confirmed that the other day when he refused to participate in (fake elections), so what do also think we dont understand?

so if you support according to social media

  1. Raila you are a patriot and a kenyan
  2. If you don’t you are unpatriotic and a somalian/ugandan?

Here is what I understand and all I need to understand , Chebukati is the Chairman and you are not, so unless you are his wife and as such are privy to information the rest of us arent stop trying to be an expert on stuff you know nothing about. What is this that you know and why not take it to CID so that we dont go into elections with a NASA mole heading the elections. Watu wa Jubilee you never fail to amuse me. They know it all. Theyre others even offering advice to the president on what he should do. People why not use that expertise and that brilliant mind to better your own life? Bure kabisa.

:D:D:D:D:D:D Jubilee people have now removed their hypocrisy masks and we can now see their true colors. Before there is a kind of reasoning that I always associated with rural uneducated people in Central and I always thought is was as a result of lack of exposure and education but nowadays all Uthamakistans reason the same whether they are educated and living abroad, educated and living in Kenya, rural uneducated shiny eyes, hawkers on the streets or chokoras and thugs stealing from people, they have all been reduced to a baseline IQ where they see and hear no evil from their demigod.

This is so unfair not only to uhuru but to the people of Kenya We are being taken for a ride too many complications
Resources were allocated for elections,but didnt meet threshold blame:iebc
Supreme court nullifies elections, blame:maraga &iebc
Failure to achieve the 60 day threshold set by court,blame: iebc

now how is uhuru or the government to blame for all these…and the same iebc who failed now want to abandon ship half way instead of catching the bulls by its balls… funny thing is that they didnt raise these issues they are raising now on or before 8th August they were smiling perfectly reminds of hoes who anandon you when things get thick little bitches…
mohammed the former commissioner wouldnt have allowed such nonsense no wonder these goons pushed for his exit
uhuru should stop talking much and get shit done he shudave gone to Moi like yesterday replaced his whole adviser team and replaced them with mafias that own this country coz the other guy already has his

Guess they learnt nothing 2007 when the fools living in ODM strongholds went out to rub their ‘win’ to their neighbours and gloat about how superior they are as a tribe. Well did Kibaki come to their rescue when their neighbors retaliated. At that point they should have learnt that regardless of your ttribe when shit hits the fan its everyone for themselves,Kibaki didnt send them a batallion to protect them until it was too late. Even after PEV Kibaki didnt shughulikia them bcz theyre children of Mumbi. Tribalism like all forms of bigotry can blind you so that you cant tell the truth if it hits you in the face. Shauri yao, theyre the ones who are the majority outsiders in NASA zones kikiumana theyll be the easiest and close target for the disenfranchised opposition. Uhuru doesnt know you from a can of paint so think about yourself n ur posterity not about the tribe of your president. This people I used to pity them but after travelling around the country and hearing pples views about them I realised that theyre too arrogant even when theyre outsiders and will go as far as to insult locals and show them open contempt. When in Rome do as the Romans do,dont go to impose yourself bcz you have money ask PEV victims how their money helped them. A wise person does not atangonise their host community. They respect and integrate.