What a good deal. 25m 4bdrm house in Karen




Not bad

Uko na hiyo doh ama wewe ni Kenyatalk billionaire??

Smells like a scam.

Who is building such ugly houses in Karen sasa middle class watajaa huko

Very suspicious…kwani shamba ni pesa ngapi

Hii lazimi ufanye due due DUE diligence. 25m for nyumba karen ni suspicious especially nyumba kama hio

1/4 acre in Kerarapon according to property24 is 9m.

Outskirts of Karen, inskirts of Ngong

Those in bordering rongai and ngong still claim to be in karen

:D:D:D:D:D…since when did kerarapon become Karen?

Ni broker… Anatafuta commission

Karen lower plains half an acre goes for 30M:D shamba pekee. And lower plains is different from upper karen place ya red soil. Lower plains ni black cotton soil way more different and cheaper too!