What A boring Sunday.

Two things that can help you kill time,

Just a suggestion though.[ATTACH=full]6849[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6850[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6850[/ATTACH]

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Get sense8…Very interesting! The Ngara overpass scene was perfect:)!

I thought somebody said it is not yet out? Thanks dear! How are you killing your Sunday?

So it started picking up huh? Im somewhere in episode 8.

Shit mimi pekee ndio niko manyu… Too bad my connection is slow itabidi ningojee miaka

On the last episode…

I think they’ve kept us interested throughout…lots of character development all through the episodes. I like!

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killing time at Klub Liquid Cash

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Ati boring…the sun is out ,beautiful pple its better than rainy jana…:wink:

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watu wa superhighway flooding iliisha?



close hapa Image

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Meanwhile huyo mzungu alipanga safari yake na spanner boy wake hapo kando ama??

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Smh. Hujui huyu ni Kemboi? Unamuita spanner boy? What have you done for your country? Hii inferiority complex is just embarassing.

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nilipitia hapo pork city next to image

So true. Kemboi is such a down to earth guy. So humble for his status. Very out-going and mingles across ages easily and loves inspiring others.