Wezi wa kura. Shikwekwe et al.


Mjamaa kubali hii kitu haitaki makasiriko.

Wewe na @uwesmake nawajua sana. You are fake MAGA supporters. Pretenders.

Hii kiti mnaionea kwa tv au choo.

Hampati ng’o!!!


Kubali yaishe. Uchengwa tuliza gwadu.

Until Trump aseme nimekubali shikeni… sahau.

Ukiona tumeanza kutoa hizi video. Sahau kabisa.

Commander in chief anasema hii game sahau.


The courts are waiting for evidence banae sio sarakasi na vitimbiree


“Of course the exact opposite is actually true, evidenced by his own admission to Woodward… played down pandemic & let it run rampant, forcing mail-in voting to ultimately claim fraud & steal the election, knowing full well he had no chance of legitimately winning”

Ur scotus also rejected him

buy sheep skin and start walking on all fours… your brain is of no profitable use

Ghasia ilikuwa utume dollar za unga ya chapo. Niko mbaya saidi.

Yeah well. The President is Donald J. Trump not Biden. That’s the point you keep missing by a mile.

The President is not CNN or the Guardian. The President of the U.S of A is Donald J. Trump.

Na until aseme shika. Ha.


Kimeibiwo. Kirudiwo? Ama wafungue servers?

Yaani hujamove on bado? I tyhought you were on a healing journey

Pain pain everywhere

You tried to impeach him, to pin Russia gate … you think hatukuwaona from a distance with these mail in ballot nonsense???

You think Trump or his govt are idiots???

Look at how the govt has diffused BLM.

Where is that No Fucking Around Coalition guy?

the problem with airheads such as yourself is you dont see the bigger picture…

What I know is that retards will be crying in the toilet come Jan 20th.