westlands massage spa

Anyone know about the massage spa along Westlands Avenue. Was woken up this morning by their instagram post about some Ethiopian model they have. Really tempted to go since I love them Ethiopian girls



what if you fight the temptation and save your filthy money

Why don’t you relocate to Ethiopia instead?

Ethiopian girls ni bure kabisa. hawajui kuhamisha hamisha. they are very beautiful but the only style they know ni kifo cha mende. sample our kamba ladies to get the experience of a lifetime

Ukienda tafadhali ukuje na full review, price, quality of service etc

Vile Umeambiwa Baba

Maybe vacation one of these days, but not relocate

You have sample some Ethiopians kwani?

OK. Pink handler.


shemale ni wewe

Unajua @Shiroe ?

pink handler anayejua [SIZE=1]ama ni anayeyua[/SIZE] hii

Hehe. Have you tried a few of them, our Mwikali? :D:D:D

Wacha nivuke nione anchi huku Ethiopia[ATTACH=full]194345[/ATTACH]

@Shiroe ni nani? I was giving my expert opinion on the said matter. patieni wakamba wetu hizo pesa na nyinyi mpewe huduma nzuri.

mkuMBWA, Ethiopia waliacha kuzima generators zao usiku after 10pm?

Wewe si @Shiroe ?