Western aid

So as I was walking in a shopping centre the other day I saw these World Vision volunteers and they talked to me. They showed me some dirty water in a container and told me some stories of how people in the developing world take such water since they can’t afford to get clean water. Oh, and they had some pictures of sad black kids. All this was in an effort to make me donate something. Anyway, I just told them that when I go back home all I see is senior World Vision guys driving big four wheel drives but the kids who need the money most still live in poverty. If I wonna help a kid, I can do it directly without using a middleman.
Since I was a little kid, we have been receiving aid/donations from western countries but nothing much have improved in terms of development…except that a selection of people have become rich or richer. Do we really need this aid? In my opinion I think what we need is better quality education that way we can get proper training on how to nurture all the resources we have got. We need to change our education system; reduce the classroom theory coz all we have been doing is fill up our kids with theory to the point that they can’t expand their minds, encourage practical education and research.Take for example, we are one continent that is blessed with sun all year around but I often see people complaining of blackouts and cursing out Kenya Power. What if we invest in research? I’m sure we have great minds around and we can come up with some of the greatest developments.
This is just my layman’s thinking, would be interested to hear opinion of others.


Your laymans way of thinking is miles ahead of the so called educational technocrats…if Rudisha had not actively pursed his talent,that viatu vyangu ad would mean something else altogether

The Landcruiser brigade. one day in 1998, i accompanied officials of a leading NGO on a tour to show some wazungus a borehole and water tank reportedly done with their money in the hinterland of kajiado county. the only problem was that the water project had been done with funds from the government backed SARDEP program and someone had pocketed the millions. NGO types are like the modern-day miracle workers…they will claim powers to heal but you wont see them going into Kenyatta hospital to free the patients of their misery…


what actions have you taken to help the underprivileged? Ama you were just there ukitetesha mzungu and yet have not contributed to improving the quality of a single life…African life

A lot more that you would think…

“He who feeds you, controls you.”—Thomas Sankara
I always ask these advocates of aid a few questions. Aren’t there poor people in the West? Why would their governments send “aid” to Africa when their citizens are still suffering? I say aid in quotes coz we pay for it…through the nose. We’d rather take loans that we’ll have to work our asses off to repay than receive these degrading handouts. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Sadly I don’t think we’ll ever grasp that concept.

So called ‘aid’ ni biashara. Hakuna cha bwerere.

Unless Donors use methods like giving aid driectly to the poor the middle men will always have a way of embezzling the funds


How, do you identify who is poor?

Dears, I’m managing a German project supporting university students with needy background at most Kenyan universities. I could write a book about our experiences we made in the fields of cooperation with universities, churches, other authorities and Kenyan companies offering attachments, or international companies offering attachments for our students as well as the honesty of students, and tried corruption of these or those persons in institutions, companies and so on. Of course we as a charity are bound to German prescriptions of our tax authorities in order not to loose our charity status. In summary and as a consequence we meanwhile are more than tired and decided to stop our project with the last student doing his graduation and this will probably be in 2 years time at latest although to my knowledge we still are the only German organisation supporting university students whereas there are hundreds of NGOs supporting pupils until they did their KCSE.
I do not support the still existing projects of international aid programs, they are outdated and the duties of African governments. If one wants to help one should support the professional education of needed young people to ensure help people help themselves.

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