West suit apartments

Whoever referenced this place is a total piece of shit

Hekaya ikuom.

Nini kimekukuta mzee





west suite apartments not west suit apartments
you spelled suite wrong



So what happened?


this is a very gripless mamaaa… half package 2K and full package 4k
and what disgusts most is the access control to the building

Wacha kunyesha. Tell us; what happened, when?

I expected to get top notch service and bitches only to get a fully fledged Good hope Mamaa

Why didn’t you tell us from the get go?

This is a sign bruh, wachana na lanye. Since the day nilipata Kanye ananyesha , sijawahi rudi nyuma tena. Just katia IG gals


Leo umegongwa,pole baba…

izo nguo zote,kwani ni winter?