West African men in kenya

How come very few West African women immigrate to Kenya?

Does Kenya discriminate against women when issuing visas?

Sclerotic thesis.

The men who come to Kenya are scammers, fugitives from the law,money launderers and bottom of the barrel crap in the human form.No right thinking person will immigrate to kenya…And btw our Kenyan gals are all too willing to give them a good time here in Kenya

I know some as such

My comment was another post where it fits. Don’t try to twist it. You are a serious weirdo.


True, look at latest cabinet member Scrotum and his ilk

Hehe yall bonobos scared dem ogas coming for ur kenyan wimminz?

Those naija men usually have very ambitious plans… So their itenerary looks like Naija->shithole country (say Congo where they acquire new passport)->another shithole (e.g KE or SA)->Eastern Europe or Dubai, Saudi->Western Europe (e.g UK, Schengen)->USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA (penultimate destination)

All through they keep leeching on whatever can sustain them. The lowest hanging fruit in KE seem to be empowered feminist women!!!

All igbos in kenya should be executed mafia style, default settings yao ni crime,drugs, and women. Hata wale wamefungua Church,…

Youre jealous we igbos are successful? hate elsewhere

Those flat heads should be deported back to Enugu

cope u ugali eating weirdo

Mnatusumbua sisi kama Igbos

brukhengeh hii , do you have to involve ugali into this …oga come slowly now ooh ! …eat our loose gals all you want lakini muache kuuua these cheap hoes …

If their women came to Kenya in large numbers ungeona their kids every where. Wao sijui kwa nini they don’t use birth control.

But I am sure bonobos like @Bingwa Scrotum will run to their defense trying to justify that in their Somali culture they frown upon birth control as well.

In christianity and islam, it’s a sin to use birth control. It’s not a culture issue