Wembe wa Citizen

At the turn of the new millennium, the sleazeball SK macharia started a radio station. It wasn’t a great time to be in business with a tight squeeze on advertising cash( the economy was in ICU then.) So SK hired two idiots and started a show by the subject above.
Ostensibly, the show was to be a public watchdog running a crusade against the rampant corruption that was common during Moi days and the nation took notice and cheered than on. citizen radio gained notoriety.
Every morning, I and my siblings would wake up early to catch who would be ‘shaved’ that day with glee. If we couldn’t catch it in the morning,no worries, repeats after 7.00pm news. The unlucky culprits would then be paraded before the public and have his crimes read back to him, then he would be flogged verbally and henceforth dismissed with a clean shave and a warning.
One day , I tuned in as usual, only to find my old man as the unlucky culprit. I listened with horror as that bit** Joyce something tore into him and threw all manner of accusations ranging from the improbable to downright ridiculous. She then proceeded to shave him punk(in the '90’s punk used to be ile hairstyle yenye barber alitumia kichana, where you end up looking like you were shaved using a combine harvester.) before deciding Jordan suit him better.
I was the laughing stock of the school for the rest of the term. My old man explained that workplace rivalry and a competitor for promotion at the workplace . Basically someone paid them to embarrass him. Doesn’t matter,he got the promo. He should have sued but he let it go, I even think he forgot about it.
Not me though, the import of this post?Some docs/info came to me that would be highly beneficial or financially damaging to the living presenter of the show, the other one died, not sadly. And I intend to have my pound if flesh, as for SK, he is too big a fish, but am not in a rush though, I’ll catch him on the rebound.

that joyce had an evil, ka-malicious laugh…so packed with malicious glee!

hehe… watu wakubwa zaidi hunyolewa kila siku na wanaendelea. ata sonko alinyoa baba yao na bado wao ni “marafiki”. kubali yaishe.

Idi Admin merge hii post na ile ingine ya umama eti watu hawaezi sameheana.

Seems you have done your research well, ubaya nikuanika your intentions.
I remember that kapindi with glee, it gave birth to ‘nyahunyo’ ya mbusi chieth among many others (kiss had theirs where Carol matako would flush the unlucky subject down the loo


Brown envelope is very rampant in our media. People there don’t even need their wages. Lakini most people are dense and stupid and will believe anything said by githeri media. Shoshomedia has taken it to another level. Look at the people with most following, they are our modern day conmen and blackmailers. Yet they are celebrated by many. Someone is now minting cash and when he started I dismissed it as a joker. He has registered himself as a self appointed consumer fighter. My first rule is verify, verify and verify. Sometimes even timing and tone sells it out. Some work on behalf of politicians, cops and rogue people to make a living. Unapigiwa utuoe kitu ama ionekane. Wengine wanalipa na bado inatokea. It doesn’t have to be true, people just fear bad press.

Let me clue you in. You will not get what you think you will get. Life sucks.

nothing she can do about it, am not in a rush, hii itakuwa well aimed tackle.

We celebrate mediocrity. WE have the power to change that. Question is: do we want to???

ever heard of schadenfreude?

Well, I probably was not brought up that way.

Bishop Joyce Gituro, she does have a horrible laugh. She left radio citizen for Milele FM just recently.

we don’t want to because we maliciously always want to believe the worst about others.

Mwisho wa yote ni bure tu. Before you unleash your dossier, ingine itakupata kubwa zaidi, uanze kuipangia, kidogokidogo zingine tatu…sasa kazi itakuwa kupanga schan-whatever ama ni maisha yako utaishi?

?Some docs/info came to me that would be highly beneficial or financially damaging to the living presenter of the show, the other one died, not sadly.

Waweru Mburu from Makuyu

When did she become a Bishop?
Ata Mimi tafungua Church nikue Bishop Dr Evangelist MM

So you used to enjoy while others were getting shaved but only got horrified when your daddy’s turn came? Ungecheka tu babako na maisha iendelee.

mzee Emery endesha uber polepole

Aaaaaamen, nitaipata tu…