Wembe Ni ??


mzito, what’s happening in nipatie? siwezi login…

Niko ndani, lakini ilikuwa haiload kitu 15 minutes ago.

sawa let me try.

Maybe babuon alidhani Uhuru ataapishwa…he’s mistaken… Lazima tuonyeshe supreme coat the middle finger on 26th

The best thing ni campaigns ziendelee, printing iendelee ya all candidates, tutokelezee na uchaguzi ufanywe.

Anybody can obey JaKuon’s call not to vote, but security and protection of those that opt to vote must be guaranteed. FFU.


Hapo sawa

I agree Totally Wembe ni ule ule. Unanyoa kunyoa yall. TANO TENA Bitches!

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, a government (Jubilee) body, reports that 2.2 million Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) have closed shop in kenya over the last five years.
Over the last five years, the Jubilee administration have aggressively pursued the policy of “DE-industrialization ” of kenya. In the words of former Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga, “Under the Jubilee administration, Kenya has become a Mafia state controlled by mob bosses.”

For the last five years, the price of crude oil has been below $50 a barrel, yet Kenyans are still charged the same prices they were paying eight years ago when oil was $102 a barrel.

All sectors of Kenyan economy has been negatively affected by the floods of cheap imports, brought into kenya by unscrupulous businessmen connected to those in power, having unbridled freedom to import anything of their choice without paying taxes: From sugar industry; to textile; to agriculture, denying kenya the much needed revenue for development. Over the weekends, the leaders behave like Frank Lucas, donating part of the proceeds from these imports to the same societies they are killing by giving out these import certificates.

Chocked by the influx of cheap imports and higher costs of energy, the manufacturing industry in kenya is slowly dying. Driving in Industrial area, it is difficult to imagine that government collects 50% of it’s revenue from there: the roads are terrible. Companies such as Sameer Africa, Eveready East Africa, Cadbury, Procter and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Tata Chemicals Magadi, have been forced to either relocate their manufacturing operations outside kenya or scale down their operations, leading to massive job losses.

Across the country, people are hurting: families are struggling to make ends meet; consumer confidence is low caused by shrinking incomes and wages; hundreds of thousands of young Kenyans, graduating from colleges are facing uncertain times as the job market continue to shrink; the healthcare is in turmoil; prices of commodities continue to rise; inflation is high. It has become a common occurrence to see highly learned Kenyans holding placards looking for jobs.

As an administration, Jubilee has refused to address these pressing issues. Rather, they have chosen to erect Raila Odinga as a scarecrow in the Kenyan farm, as they sneak in at night and rob them through corruption and priorities that do little to solve the problem of Kenyans.

He’ll win with 99% +1.

Another five years. Kenya will be on its knees. Maybe then hawa masycophants will realise that Raila is not the enemy, these two thugs and their possee are.

at the end of the day the only real beneficiaries ni politicians, wewe utapiga kelele hapo nje ati tribe supremacy blah blah blah. na bado utalala nja same way those opposing you do … mental slavery

it has nothing to do with whichever government is in place

Historically, statistics have shown that 50% of startups fold within the first year, and only 10% of the remaining 50% make it past the 5th year and mature into profit generating entities.

Tafakari hayo

That alone makes his win illegitimate.

Why will it be on its knees?

Maraga today looked very sober

Have you checked the statistics during Kibaki era? Dont make lame excuses for these losers.

Omba Mola akuweke utajafaham wakati ukifika

Sawa know it all.

have gone far back than that and also spanned across multiple countries

You continue with your sycophancy of seeing no evil, wembe ni ule ule. Ukinyoa other Kenyans you will not be exempt. Hope we never hear you complain since your ‘angels’ can do no wrong in your sight.