Well went to Avenue hospital to see the ENT Specialist

Part1: https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/yesterday-at-around-9am-i-felt-fluid-trickling-from-my-left-nose.111679/

…had so many questions, will they do an MRI CT Scan or the liquid will pour out again and then find myself in the ER …as I waited for my name to be called a nurse who checked my weight n BP came to me n told me the ENT will be in in a few minutes she also told the lady sitting next to me and a couple of other guys… that gave some bit of comfort, am not alone, they may be suffering from the same thing as I looked at my phone to see what time it is I heard my name called out. Their was a bed n some really sharp objects a torch tweezers on top of her desk.woi Mimi kwisha…I thought
“morning John yes niabie”…aah shiny eye like me. I told her my ordeal she didn’t even flinch she patiently waited for me to finish grabbed the torch n tweezers told me to look upwards checked my nose n said “mmh” scribbled something .I said no when she asked if its ever happened again. Waited patiently for her to tell me what the issue was. she didn’t kwani ameona Nini!!. I could feel my stomach in my mouth it’s like my intestines somersaulted. lungs were stiff they couldn’t take in air…I couldn’t hold it.“is anything wrong” I managed to blurp
“No…have you been involved in accident trauma.” No was my answer ama Ni ile Kofi niliwekelewa na ex
".since it’s the first time and we don’t have the liquid to determine if it is CSF Celebral Spinal Fluid as a result of a leak you will take antibiotics to prevent bacteria that may cause menengitis… if it is CSF the hole most time usually heals on its own won’t take long.if it happens again come immediately caution don’t perform strenuous activity or lifting heavy objects for the next 6weeks. After that if it doesn’t occur within that period resume normal activities.you will be fine…

Well that’s 3 weeks ago 3 more weeks nirudi gym nimeadd mbaya I was 87 now am 91 thanks for the prayers n well wishes
@MajorProphet not anytime soon

Pole chief. Great news. Heal well.

Get well soon. And refrain from lifting the momos.

:D:D:D somethings just can’t avoid

Stay away from your Ex, next time she might kick your groin

And turn him not into a monoballer but into a no baller!

Go easy on those deadlifts.

pona pona pole pole. in this life we must try to live long… and see our grand shoodrens

So why didn’t they carry out any tests? Seems like a test here and there was necessary to confirm all systems are well.

You are alive…:):):)Be well.