Welcome to The University of Lome, Togo.

Where you need to go to school at 4 for a lecture that starts at 7 am just so you can find a spot to seat. A 15,000 capacity university is now home to 40,000 students.

If u are late then u need to learn from nje ya dirisha

Alafa Kenya kuna Ngombe zingine who go on strike coz of kukosa nyama kwa diet, power black out and many more flimsy reasons.

Kuna watu wanaumia kule nje buana.

Wawawawawa… TIA!

Defeats the purpose. Capacity 15k na sasa ni 40k, talk about staff been stretched to their limit. How do they even keep a tab on all these student.
Anyways, with Kenya been visa free for all Africans. It’s a high time we dotted our landscape with good institutions of higher learning and start attracting students from such countries .
Same applies to our health sector to. We can do it.

KU comes into mind. Walijengewa kila kitu na Mugenda and she left the accounts with billions. In those 10 years it was full transformation. However people judged her on popularity contest instead of job delivery. The only thing she failed to eradicate is Kunguni tu.



Gathee, githungu gitikangio ikumbi, kula mzizi.

Isn’t kunguni on a personal hygiene issue than institutional.

It gets worse. The primary schools in Togo


And then guess what? The minister of Education builts this mansion below in her (yes its a she) rural home. Its a vacation house btw. Yaani ile ya kuvisit thrice a year.

If there’s an outbreak, then it becomes an institutional thing

A situation like that is on the rise at Moi main campus

We aren’t any much different sir.

Kwani hawana quotas or satellite campuses kama za UON.

Na kuna vienyeji swafi

Togo isn’t that the country the son is the vice president heir to be… And roams the whole of Europe flashing money?

uchumi mbayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tunaambiwaga Kenya is blessed tunakataa.

Stuff like this make me appreciate my simple life. Someone somewhere dreams of having what you have right now

Hiyo ni Equatorial Guinea.

i dream nikunyonye KUMA