Welcome 2021...


Ule ametuma hio swali bado ni caller wa maina and kingangi

Hii kitu tuliona 2017.Umesha defile year 2021 already na upuss

Women are agents in the devil’s ministry


Asante sana Mangelepa. One of my fav songs in this world. Naenda kupikia familia saa hii while listening to ColdPlay.

Kwani hio three years hawajakuwa homeless/beggar.
Can’t relate

@Mangele I truly hope and pray that Chris Martin my white boy crush will not injure himself on stage one day. He is so agile. Phil collins is on a wheechair:mad:
Thenkiu for this song. ‘Tears stream down on my face’. I think my young boys somehow know this song as I sing it everyday. [SIZE=1]When not listening to Wiz Khalifa.[/SIZE]

Usilete nyimbo zake tena…today we have listened to cold play all day…here is Chris and bandmates at their best…after the terrorist attack in Manchester. We must never forget this one as kids as young as 8 lost their lives on that day. Shetani mwarabu ashindweeeeeeee.


I have been a Coldplay fan from their original productions… all in my library:


Me and you both. Ferk Covid as they were about to tour. Tuende huko tukaimbe loudly if lucky enough to get the tickets as they are normally gone in all of 5 minutes.


Here is Chris owning an OASIS song because Liam could not be bothered to turn up…


There has never been a young magician in music after MJ like coldplay


Kabla luanda magere avunje ubikira pale pubungu pakwach

@Finest wine


:smiley: One of destinations this year ni huko kwenyu. Ngonja nikute umejenga nyumba ya makuti na nyasi hapo Bidenstan.