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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims 100% success in eradication of open defecation under Sawach Bharat (Clean India) campaign. Against a target of about six million toilets in rural areas, he claims construction of about nine million in one year. The irony is, rural people in the country are worshiping these newly constructed toilets instead of using them.

It’s less about humor or ridiculing poor people, for whom, a toilet is a big privilege, perhaps, the only privilege. However, there is something symbolic about inaugural toilet-worship ceremony. Such inaugural events are common as people believe a ritual ceremony will ensure good beginning and bright future ahead whenever something new is bought or built or a job is undertaken, such as a new car, a new home, new office building, shops, agricultural machines etc.

One of such auspicious moments was captured on camera somewhere in India, which explains just why building millions of toilets in India can not eliminate practice of open defecation.

At one of such homes in poverty stricken rural India, residents inaugurated a newly built toilet by performing proper pooja (worship or ritual performance). The toilet seat and floor of toilet was covered with flowers, while coconut and bananas were offered to the God of toilets (if something like that exists).

A plate was placed at ground, in front of the toilet filled with a cup of sindoor (vermilion), an essential part of most of Indian religious ceremonies, and a glass full of milk as another offering. The toilet, that is nothing more than a latrine-seat, covered with discarded empty rice and wheat sacks, is decorated with garlands and mango leaves. A green ribbon waited arrival of a lucky one who was scheduled to inaugurate the toilet.

Most likely, this toilet, like millions of others which were built during the period of last 12 months, might not be used. It’s a reality and a huge obstacle for Clean India Campaign that despite availability of toilets, people, especially males, prefer to defecate in open. West mocks at India’s obsession for worshiping cows, stones and pervert self-claimed godmen, such as Assaram Bapu, who serves a prison term for rape of a minor girl studying in one of his schools. So, toilet worship shouldn’t be a surprise in rural regions where people have never seen one.

In rural India a facility like a toilet is an alien privilege. People in rural India still believe it’s an unhygienic and unholy practice to have a toilet within house premises, many others don’t know how to use and why to use toilets.


enda apa liberia ucheki beach imejaa mavi no toilets or clean water…na stima pia hamna

Then you go to Rifa Rori dukawalla anakuongelesha kama ghasia…

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You are living in the 80’s. Only a handful of Asians are still to be found in Rifarori and those still there are struggling to survive.

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On my first trip to India, I couldn’t understand why hundreds of people were squatting beside the highway from (then) Bombay airport. On closer inspection, they seemed to be very serious about what they were doing. There were other people waiting in line.

When I found out that they were taking a dump, my entire view of India changed forever.

Ghasia ninyi. Leave Indians and India alone. We feed you people.

Hehehehe you haven’t been there whole families live and work along kirinyaga road.

Do you really wanna go there?

Msiringe sana. bado hata huku there’re individuals wanaachilia kwa juala na kupropel kwa giza. sijui wanatumia nini siku hizi za plastic ban labda banana leaves au gazeti. and in some villages some still do their business in the bush. proof: ni manyatta ngapi zina choo?

inaitwa westpoint, #issarealsufferation

Niaje Mr wong

Indians wana ringa sana hapa kenya, kuao huko india, ni shonde kila mahali.

There is an article about open defection on Wikipedia… In some societies it is just the culture and norm…Don’t blame them too much.

I’ve just Googled it :mad::mad::mad::mad:


Indians are slowly but surely being pushed out of cbd by the locals.
They now remain predominantly in indaa, na huko bado wameonewa 18.