Weird Beliefs

I am one of those people who believe that humanity was once civilized (pyramids of Giza). Each time the human race becomes too civilized, we hit an invisible wall that resets the world back to the stone age. Then we start over again after a mass extinction event. There are very many possible routes to a mass extinction. For example, the story about Noah’s ark might have been an extinction event that actually happened. Today, with many countries having nuclear weapons, biological weapons and chemical weapons, the odds of fucking up are extremely high. In fact, in the next 100 years, individuals or criminal organizations may have the capacity to assemble/make a nuclear bomb and this is the biggest threat the world faces. There are a lot of smart scientists out there who can be “persuaded” to make a bomb. I believe that one way or another, we will fuck ourselves up back to the stone age (mass extinction) within the next 1000 years. Humans are too smart and motivated by personal interests that it is almost certain we will fuck ourselves over in the near future. Too many moving parts. Some freak accident in a military lab can wipe out the entire population if recent events are anything to go by. The good news is that I only care about the next 70 years or thereabout after which I will almost certainly be dead.

Do you really think it is a coincidence that we are almost hitting the earth’s carrying capacity and a virus emerges that is lethal to old people and those with weak immune systems? We’ve added over half a billion people in the last 10 years alone. We need only 40 years to reach the earth’s carrying capacity of 10 billion. This reset might be larger than we think and for a valid reason from an evolutionary standpoint. Mother earth can no longer support more than 10 billion people. Some have to go. So she is cleaning up by healing the ozone layer and eliminating excess human population.

Humans think they have mastered nature. But, nature is a master unto itself and will always self-regulate. Since nature, unlike us, is self sufficient, it will always determine the direction of humanity. As population increases, threats from pathogens will be difficult to control. Again, human motivated threats will rise to dangerous levels

Makes total sense. The chances of the ISIS and company laying their hands on a lethal weapon is very high

Waria ta athuri ikumi na atano. Your hypothesis is totally accurate. It can’t be business as usual for the next handful years given the rise in human intelligence and population explosion. Something has to give. We must be reset back to natural mode by nature itself. The ecosystem must find a way of regulating itself. An apocalypse is in the offing.

I will think twice about that ka name I am calling you.This makes alot of sense.
Though you should have added that superpowers who controlled making of major stuffs that can wipe out the world are also being shown the middle finger by upcoming witty fellas.War is not about guns anymore,its gone biological and when it comes to that ,the G8s do not have the monopoly of smart scientists.

no. totally wrong. Nature is directed by God to set course.
He asked us to multiply and fill the world with good morally up right offsprings… The world is just so much minute to even strike a zillionth fraction of His providence…
lakini what did humans do??
they fell off the rails, sinned to capacity, mocked Him, killed His only Son… still sin to date… God is disgusted by what humans have turned out to be, so I bet He just lets balance of nature rid the world off scum…
but there is a loophole and that is natural selection…

na muache kusema being more advanced civilization and getting reset to the primitive state… that is hypocritical bullshit… noah didnt even think what mpesa is… his mind wouldnt even process that…

your iniquity is what shall be your downfall.

Ulipata kazi jamaa.

totally wrong, absolute fallacy

It started with the Tower of Babel, God saw that the people were getting more learned and He had to confuse their languages so that they do not continue their project.