Weight loss motivation

About two years ago, I put on a lot of weight. I was 97kg!!!I experienced it all. Obese people live hard lives. I had some pretty bad experiences. The turning point was when I was walking with my then girlfriend and I heard some college kids murmuring behind us calling me a sponsor. I have to admit, being called a sponsor at 24 years of age is very heartbreaking. I haven’t had a drink in a long time and yesterday, when I clocked 70kg, my friend suggested that we hit the club. Losing 27kgs has been a real struggle. The bouncer demanded to see my identification card. That is the only drawback of losing weight that I have experienced. I had to share.

How Did you do it ?

Stopped eating junk food. Reduced eating carbohydrates and replaced them with proteins and vegetables. No gym. I asked a nutritionist who told me walking outside was better than wasting money on gym subscriptions since weight loss is 90% diet. I did not deprive myself of food, but I ate healthy foods. Greens and proteins, and minimum carbohydrates.

@mona_lisa bébé niaje?
Omogambi alipunguza Biomass?

njoo nikufanyisha 500 frogjumps/leap jumps 1week straight na nyahunyo

:D:D omogambi kuwanga serious :). Where have you been?

Ferk maze network yangu izi area imenishika kwa makende ata siezi download ata picha za WhatsApp bana…

Uko buya pii?

How long did it take you to get to 70kgs

About 14 months because I started eating healthy and walking last year as a resolution.

Mbuyande omomura. I’m happy you are back

Ata mimi ten years ago nilikuwa na man boobs nikikimbia zilikuwa zinabounce

I went from 90 to 77 real fast when i found the chick i thought was my ride or die cheating… Hehehe… That was 6 years back… Upto date i maintain the range of 77- 80 … Sina kitambi or man boobs… I stopped eating fries and magarine… Substituted beer with vodoski when i have to drink.

Hiyo 97 unge-convert into lean muscle ungekuwa a problem.

Congratulations @Sliminem a real struggle that is well worth it! The bouncer can fuck himself and his ID!!! Happens to me too, a mother of 2!!

mwas mdunge sindano kumbe umeanza kufossilize? :smiley: :smiley:


I quit beer and a lot of eating for the lent. Kitambi tayari naionea mbali.

Fp si you be my sponsor.

He he he!
Halafu ahitaji kwenda hosi kuongezwa nyama baadaye!

A mother of two? Is there something you’re conveniently leaving out?

Am doing the same since Dec 2017 and to tell the truth tumbo imepungua by 50% enrolled in the gym in Jan and naona am becoming firm in areas that were loose changed from white bread to brown bread 4 slices to be precise sugarless tea lots of water and fruits hoping by June utambi will be a thing of the past