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Jojo is my entire childhood and teens rolled into 1 … I love that she’s into Drake and she does acoustic versions of his early work (which is what I’m also into as far as Drake is concerned)


Am not sooo much a fan of this new school bt thez a track called shabba ranks which has grown on me cz my 10yr old nephew download the video on my phone and when my vidz play it playz…my question how many ASAPs are there apart from Asap Ferg and Rocky…i also saw them kwa cypher BET hiphop awards like two yrs ago …

She also loves André Benjamin of Outkast. He’s her inspiration for this song …


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There are several of them, forming the Asap Mob. Those two are the only ones that matter though.

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Rocky is way underrated. He comes off the wrong way but he’s pretty good.

He’s a cutie pie too :D:D:D:D

Ssand ssana…though hamjaniambia ni wangapi

Bt i can gather from @kijanamrefu z explanation…mayb wako kama ukoo flani mau mau…you cant tell how many they are!

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Most of my music is old school or belongs to those guys who showed creativity in music, like Nas, Talib Kweli…New school, just few albums.

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first time i agree with you.

old school damu kaka


Mzae hapo sawa.jamming to it right away.

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Old school ndio the music. Most new school ni mzaha.

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Mzaha is too polite…its downright pure crap…