Weekend plan Nairobi, no alcohol

On meds but fit and can’t drink alcoholic drinks. Suggest me good plans, mullah is not an issue.

Umeripwo, sio? Visit a children’s home.


Am not philanthropic btw neither religious and nope I am not into employment.

Tafuta malaya, tomba mpaka nyumba inuke moshi ya burnt tyres. From today till monday morning.

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lipa ndege, go to garden sq …Uliza kabuda ni iko huko

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Hit me up twende Barbados kuna maraya flani anataka double penetration

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The islands?

I propose you donate your time to teach uwesmake how to read and write at a high school level. It’ll be a service to the nation

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Enda Thailand ukue my hero. I always find myself fantasizing of going to pattaya walking street. Ulete evidence kama hii

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Give a surprise visit to ya folks/gurdians

What is with this obsession with @uwesmake

He was the one that started it all. I was just making him know even I can throw stones. I had to silence him.

The two of you should switch to the inbox.


Why is it that you’re not going after the aggressor?
You know I’ve never been shy when insulted. So you might be banning me in the future. Just be prepared

I am not picking a fight with you and I was not speaking as a mod, just that in all your posts, you have nothing except insult @uwesma. Seeing it personal, why don’t you guys exchange in the inbox?

Order him to insult me in my inbox and I will respond to him there.

@uwesmake please get into @Owuadn inbox, he has something to whisper to you.


They should just kiss and make up, No need for petty fights.

Still in the privacy of the inbox.