First of all hat off to all those who tried my ‘superbooze’ and kept their sanity.

Also, please not that weed being illegal in Kenya I resist the temptation of posting any mbisha. Thus excuse my thread from the numerous HOYAS.

Me and weed we got some history.

Back in ‘high’-school I felt the need to take a hit. Our school had a main building with classes, staff, admn etc together. Hell even the 'main’toilets were within that complex. Now this meant that the play grounds had to have separate toilets for utility.

It was this utility toilets that were a den of red eyed weedstars. Besides they were hardly used due to the laziness of the general student population and under-activity. Now there I was with the door locked taking my hits, slowly sailing towards the clouds. As it were I would take a hit, let it seep in then open the door slightly to monitor incoming traffic. I couldn’t let the deputy catch me now could I?

However, things took an interesting twist. Now without my realization my routine had changed. I would open the door, instead of surveillance I would take a hit. Let it seep in then go back inside.
Fast forward to thirty minutes later, I was in the deputy’s office …



and by the way I feared your concoction still waiting for testimonies


kinda worries me, the silence is deafening!

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you killed talkers man

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Hehehehe. You should’ve puff puff passed between your hands.

kinda reminds me of this guy who used to take a hit, blow the smoke inside the latrine hole and peep through the key hole for incoming traffic. But one day the reverse happened. He got so high that he was peeping in the latrine hole and blowing smoke in the peep hole.