Weddings are a total rip-off.

It holds true everywhere.

Hehe haupati resident kama hufanyi wedding. utatii!
God bless come-we-stay!!!

Ukipea mtu mimba si ni wako sasa…have the rules changed?Hizi zingine ni shenanigans na mnyambo wa punda


Weddings ni upuzi kabisa. I will just use the money to go for a nice honeymoon.

I totally agree

Weddings are overrated.

Best time to err someone is when emotions are high either wedding, funeral, breakups, proposals

Who’s to say it’s a rip off? If you can afford throwing a luxurious party, go ahead. However don’t annoy people by calling them for wedding donations. Some guys get a boost in self esteem for having had a beautiful, expensive wedding that becomes the talk in town. People are different, just cut everything according to your size.

Get the kids and negotiate on later, weddings and Lotto are similar nowdays

Bullshit! Most of our Gigs are in weddings. You can actually know a couple is struggling! Why put a 1 M wedding and go back to a 30K flat in Ruaka.

My role model is @Mundu Mulosi , set systems and do weddings if your pocket allows.

Aint Complaining though, ekeni weddings tuget biz.

Kama huna pesa wacha kusumbua watu

when you look at it,85% of wedding planners are unmarried or singomathas,AG all the way,two my friends,two of hers’,sign here ,initials there,do you both agree,put a ring on it,kiss the bride,bing bang boom!!! and 17 minutes flat, done ,catch the 4:30pm emirates and we’re off to bora bora,why spend 2.5 mil to feed and hydrate people?


Dingo wa ingokhoo…omutiomera


Well put.

:Dkwanza Watu wa ‘goat eating’. Nawaoneanga mbali