Wedding - Car Rental & Photo

Any recommendations from villagers on a reasonable car - ile itabeba groom na bride. Car make n rates please. Also interested in a photographer with a portfolio na bei.

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Sonko rescue team…

give me your email @bouss

Hio ya scania ni wedding ya @Ka-Buda?

[email protected]

No. 2 wins.


Are you the one getting married?

:D:D imagine that on your CV when applying for job…

Valley Rd near Silver Springs hotel, you will be spoilt for choice there. Stretch limos, Range Rovers, Mercedes, et al.



Congrats @bouss

Congrats for taking the plunge all the best

wewe wacha zako…

its a congratulatory message man

Morning …n why r my two jaro sojas fighting :rolleyes::rolleyes:

The orijino Jaro Soja misinterpreted my well-meaning message

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Kindly check out HZEE Media they do quality photography