websites popping up

So today my mums phone imehang
My niece was using it sijui kupiga picha na kuingia shosho media.

It’s ok now but websites keep popping up ,most of them psychic predictions Na games downloads… especially from India

How do I block such?

Anaitwa mathe sio mum…

Kijiji imekua na influx of such characters of late. Kuna mshenzi mwengine aliita budake dad juzi. Wewe nakushuku nilikuona ukiita nyanyako grandma

uninstall unnecessary ama third party apps

I guess hio phone ni Tecno. Back up contacts, sms, photos, WhatsApp and then factory reset. Then log in to your “mum’s” Google account and restore the data.

Ubaya wa transsion holdings devices

Nana inakubalika ka mum anaitwa Thatcher?

Tecno and Infinix chieth!

The bloatware on these tu phones is such a huge turnoff

Kuna dem amebuy Tecno Camon 16, the amount of bloatware is annoying. She complains everyday mpaka namuoneanga huruma :smiley:

Nikampea Nokia yangu to see for herself. Very clean stock Android with no bloatware. Alibaki amecurse!

Tell her to root the damn thing and remove those apps that generate them… that’s the only way to save her

Unaexpect slay queen ajue rooting ni nini

I thought that she was tech savy…but you can alternatively do it for her

Tech savvy doesn’t mean she knows everything about tech. Slay queen bora simu ni kubwa, ina camera nne, inaeza ingia online WhatsApp, inaeza IG na Snapchat she is good to go.

Must you buy Tecno phones or even Infinix? Nunueni Samsung, Nokia, iPhone

I get you but she wants a clean experience , right? Of so just do it for her it could just add some points for you

And the unremovable adware gobbles up mobile data like the Uhuru’s covid funds.
My kunguru has the same problem but an not buying her a phone coz of her recent behaviour.