Website Name

I am looking for the best name for my website. It is a social media website

Website main type: social , business

What are your suggestions so far?

ata namecheap wanasema hio domain name iko available

What features will make it stand out from facebook and twitter?
What else do you have to offer that will attract people to your website?

dont mean to pour water on you but these are thee real questions you should ask yourself because i think social media website market is saturated, you need something genious to pull through

all the best though.

Do you have a name suggestion in your mind?

wewe ukona jokes, hii mtu hawezi kumbuka

Sasa wewee…unajiuliza swali alafu unajijibu…he just asked for a name suggestion!

:D:D:D at this rate, let me stick to my mind, thought guys were creative here!


You made it yourself or someone else did it for you? I need a website Man.

Not really, I was sourcing a name to enter a contest.

if it doesn’t have a name is it even working?