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Wakubwa,is there a way I can get an estimate of what a particular website makes via AdSense. Let’s say I want to find out Ktalk has made how much,how do I go about it?

Deorro ndiye angekusaidia, lakini alikulishwa kalamu

Use this,

Also you can use cutestat. com, they both differ but will give an estimate.

Make sure to type in the correct domain.


i also want the same thing paid task

Kenyan Daily post used to make between Ksh 800,000 to Ksh 1.2 Million before Google Adsense banned the site

[ATTACH=full]276502[/ATTACH]Hii Ni tuko how genuine is this

A month??how many views were they getting? Kumbe you are the owner of that site

The site’s Adsense account was premium… a privilege given to publisher’s with crazy traffic … that means advertising on the site was more expensive… is also premium

Hogwash but what I know tuko charges from 1.5 million for the top banner

Why was their adsense banned?

The Waiguru case where she had sued google and the site over a defamatory story. Her lawyers argued that google benefited money wise from the article by running ads.

When you make anything close to 1 million, google gives you a dedicated account manager … but making anything above ksh 500, 000 with Adsense is no joke … especially in the African market

Kazi ni staying there. Use of blackhat tactics is rampant and competition is tough. You have to keep churning new content daily and a single Google algorithm update can make your site worthless overnight.
The upside is that you can make very easy money overnight. In just one year, you can build a site and beat akina Nation or Tuko if you have sufficient capital know what you are doing.

Inbox nikufanyie hio job. Complete with a report. Utapata hadi recommendations if you want a comparison between your website na hio unataka kujua revenue yake.

But currently if you want to make good money with Adsense, concentrate with business or technology blog. Gossip and entertainment is clogged and quality of ads in such sites are poor

But sponsored ad is the best. If u sign a contact with 2 big companies for a year , you are good to go… especially betting companies

amazon affiliates iko aje of late?

Google does in-person reviews from $1000/mo & above. Daily-post was making around 700k by then due to Facebook arbitrage traffic