Website design contest!

If you know of any university student who might be interested…These are the qualifications!

[li]Must be a continuing University students undertaking undergraduate Information Technology course[/li][/ul]
[li]Passion for Programming, Web design and database management[/li][/ul]
[li]Optional certification through software companies and professional organizations[/li][/ul]
[li]Creative, hardworking and committed to delivery of results under a tight schedule[/li][/ul]

Hii imetoa one guy, he does bio chem but has self taught himself web design

Thats passion!

yep and he is very good at it,Bio Chem ni ya wazazi

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He can still apply…he should be creative though in his application!

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Online ama?

yep online and some old books yeye hununua kwa hawa hawkers wa pavement, hizo ndio alianza nazo

Without meaning any disrespect to you @The.Black.Templar but imagine you were a mechanic and you were told of a car fixing contest held by the Danish Immigration Council. The mechanics try their hand at fixing the car and whoever does it best wins. Would you really enter that contest? Or if you were a doctor and there was a patient curing contest? Or a lawyer and a murderer defending contest? Basically do this work and hope you are one of hundreds who might get paid. When hiring a mechanic or doctor or lawyer you ask for references, talk to the professional, ask for testimonials from previous clients. Why is it assumed when it comes to design work or any work that involves creative arts, it’s okay to tell people to prove themselves by working for free? What about all those other ‘contestants’ who bust their ass to get it done but don’t get to win? Especially when you consider that judging design work has a subjective element? And what’s making it worse is that they are hiding behind helping students gain experience. Will they return the designs from those who didn’t win? If they get to keep them, doesn’t that mean they paid 100000 for hundreds of ideas?

Okay that’s my rant. I used to be duped by those contests and webpages like lakini nikachanuka. Once again sio matusi, ni haki ya watoto nalilia.


No disrespect taken buddy. However it is mainly targeted at university students…and they don’t expect perfection. Think of how much that money would mean to a student.