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Hello guys, how long does one take to be a fully functional web developer having started from scratch (just possessing a ‘nice’ laptop, minimal or non knowledge of comp science, coding bla bla…) but very passionate about the same

2 years


I know it’s not that important(for now at least) but how well can one earn after you’ve been proficient…


no idea I’m not a developer

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Sema kitu mzito

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Wow nice trial for a web development thread

uliza @The.Black.Templar hii maneno ya web development atakusaidia. AAchana na huyo @imei2012 kijana ya @poyoloko

this is a very vague question… it’s like asking how long one takes to learn English language… depends on you and nothing else… I became a DBA in 6 months… some take 4 years…

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HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, NodejS (at least NPM), webpack… on the front-end… and then SQL and some server-side language (Java, C#, Python or PHP)… Some framework (Django, Spring, Laravel)… Some deployment method (Java servelet, Docker)… Some Continuous Integration method…

The field is just too vast.

You mean Node.js is being used on the front-end

check tutsnode dot com and download
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Yes. NPM runs on NodeJS and without it you cannot adequately consume some front-end frameworks like Angular, React and VueJS. In fact CSS artifacts such as Tailwind CSS can only be exploited fully when “compiled” via Webpack and tree-shaken using PostCSS. All these require NodeJS

To speed up your learning process, consider enrolling in online courses, joining coding bootcamps, and practicing regularly. Building projects and seeking feedback can also help you improve faster.

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