@Web dev

@Web Dev & all IT gurus,
Nadai a simple website + hosting for a school
All at a small fee.

How to get a kickass website for cheap and fast. You need PayPal or Debit card with around $50.

  • Google goodadday .99 coupon, grab a coupon and have a domain name at sub dollar.
  • Google hostgator dollar coupon, get one and you have a hosting account for a buck.
  • choose a kickass theme here and pay
  • source a web developer from elance for 50 bucks and specify it’s for theme customization.
  • forward the content and photos after hiring.

P.S Fast, easy and no bs from half baked developers minting millions from gok by installing joomla and a photo slider.

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Baked ~ corrected. Mkubwa tafasary ban @kamau you know ni uwesmake matusi nakujaza server na upii.


Buda mbona unarecommend hiyo hustle yote na necrow anataka kujenga mwananchi mwenzake.
@Necrow how small is the small fee, tuongee biz. Im not a guru but naeza kuundia kitu smart (attention to detail)