Weapons street market.



Huku ni Yemen, where guns are sold like vegetables. That’s a Vice news documentary, one of the few sober news series around.


I think niliwatch ya Yemen season 2 or 3, looks similar though

But Vice hukua poa sana

And those guns are really cheap.

waaaa guns mwitu.

Yeah wako poa but i found them biased when doing stories about the Syrian and Ukraine wars, media houses should report things as they are and not take sides

kwanza hapo kwa kusafisha mecho

A place called Yemen in Pakistan ama ? ?

My mistake, thought it was an earlier episode on Yemen

You can buy an assult rifle for 25k and yet we are hopeful this fuckers will one day be peaceful.

Thats the thing. Its both good and bad, in case of war, such a country wouldn’t go broke or face stupid sanctions trying to import small arms. Lakini at 3.600 for a black market pistol, gun violence itakuwa mwenda

They have the diya system of paying blood money in compensation so it kind of offers some checks and balances.