We wuz kungz and kangz, niggas!



Martin Luther black
Malcolm X black.
Marcus Garvey black.
Bill Clinton black.
Barack Obama black.

:smiley: ati the greatest philosopher was Malcom x, enyewe we wuz kangz

Sio confuscious., Na Aristotle

Ni Platypus Plato

And he forgot to annotate Idi Amin as the biggest something.

What’s effin wrong with this race


In all fairness though Plato studied in Timbuktu.

Yeah nigga, we wuzz kungz n shiet:D

We are the kings and queens and you are part of us


Yah man!

wewe uko brain - washed ukaisha rangi , kwani where did aristotle learn everything he knew…where did pythagoras get his maths knowledge… egypt


No wonder the white gods and @patco laugh at blacks for beating on other people’s drums. Africans became stagnant at some point,i blame religion.
Here’s bezos laughing together with patricia on the right,pixels zimefika mwisho,can’t make his skin any lighter but believe me he is there

Nonsense. The greatest footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo— WHITE!!

Wacha waendelee kujidanganya. Whites are obviously the superior race. E.g If Christian Eriksen was playing that game in Africa he’d be dead.


Foolish. Does white to you mean anybody who is not African? Ma va fanculo

che cazzo

Is a putana