WE WUZ KANGZ AND ISRAELITES -Can we stop this Stupidity.


I’ve been on this forum long enough for you guys to know I am not a self hating coon.I won’t put black people or Africans down to praise a bunch of Neandrthal descendants.Usually when someone black criticizes the “We Wuz Kangz” Movement ,they usually are self hating coons who praise anything non-african.
Since you guys already know I am Someone who’s very Pro African and Pro Black ,I’m Here to say WACHENI UMEFFI.


We have so many cool and unique cultures here in Africa. Why do we keep going to try to claim we we’re Egyptians or Israelites.
I know some of you here are going to get angry at me but I Don’t Give A Fuck

I didn’t join this forum to make you happy ,I joined to teach some of you Cucks how to be proud of being African.
How can we do that when we spend more time trying to prove we we’re the original Israelites or Egyptians?

There we’re multiple Bantu ,Nilotic & West African Kingdoms & Empires.

Subsaharan Africa produced the richest man in History ,Some of the earliest Universities in humanity ,the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom literally had Surgeons while Europeans we’re busy burning each other on stakes for witchcraft in the middle ages.

Even if your ancestors didn’t come from Kingdoms so what?Are Maasai’s any less because they weren’t centralized?No ,they have an amazing unique culture.We need to stop overhyping other cultures over our own.

I don’t give a fuck what you tell me ,You’re not pro african if you spend half your energy trying to disassociate yourself from Africa.
We don’t have to be Israelites or Egyptians to be proud of our ancestry.

Side Note: I am aware there we’re black people in Ancient Egypt even black rulers such as the Nubians but Egypt was a mixed society. It had blacks ,whites and middle easteners. Every Egyptophile likes taking credit for Egypt and making it seem like it was only one race who lived there when it’s literally situated at the intersection of Africa,Europe and the Middle East.

Take Pride in Your Culture.Acha Upus.

the idea is to show the extent of the invasion on the negroes since the eurasian left the

caucus mountains …are we supposed to ingore the fact that africans were spread from one corner of the world to another ?

black people are being evicted from israel…so should we ignore that when we know the real history , that those wazungu jews are converts, real jews were black and were enslaved… the history is all there…

when i say this , it doesnt mean that im putting africa down…as a pan africanist , im telling an african story … africa is the mother of the negroes who lived in europe , asia , australia , americas…african culture was observed by the negroes spread around the world… most of the traditions the australian aborigines have ziko congo pia…

the egyptian kingdom was 100% black and got mixed as time went by… in the end they negroes were overran and enslaved… remember , it’s the negroes who had the content , non-negroes came in kuhustle na kusoma…

anyways…i agree , abandoning african culture to claim others without linking it back is the problem…everything came from africa…

alafu @BantuSupremacy , kama ni ukweli , hakuna shida ikisemwa…shouldn’t aboriginal australians not tell their black kids that australia ilikuwa yao…

also usisahau that it’s this history that they are hiding… because they dont have any history , walichukua ya wenyewe then told us we have no history… this is why these stories have to be told…



if kenya became a mzungus colony na tukafkuzwa …shouldnt negroes in future be told to forget about it…?

the point is that ,…they know the truth but hide it… thats why it’s important for you guys to study all history !



Nigga ,I know the original humans were black ,and I know North Africans are invaders but that doesn’t mean the only thing Pan African spaces should ever talk about is how Egypt had black people or the bible had black people.

Why can’t we put that same energy into uplifting other African cultures instead of just Egypt and Israel?

I don’t support what those Israeli’s are doing to black Jews btw ,fuck Israel.
I don’t even take sides in the Israel vs Palestine conflict cause both Arabs and Jews despise black people.
At the same time though ,I’m not hell bent on proving Jesus was black.

Humans need another asteroid to reset this shït. Pathetic