We will impeach Raila if he wins October poll

[SIZE=6]MP Walukhe threatens
Sep. 05, 2017, 3:00 pm

Sirisia MP John Walukhe has said Jubilee legislators will impeach Raila Odinga if he wins the October 17 repeat polls.

He however expressed confidence that Uhuru Kenyatta will win by a wide margin.

“It is indeed laughable to see Raila trying to use all means to enter into the government yet he knows he lost the election. Uhuru won it by a big margin. He is trying to use underhand tactics but I want to inform him that he has no path since we will impeach him,” the MP said in Eldoret on Tuesday.

The Jubilee politician said they command more numbers in the National Assembly and Senate and will be able to remove Raila.

He claimed Raila is not interested in the poll and merely wants a coalition government.

“I was an ODM legislator before I joined Jubilee and I understand Raila much more than anybody. His plan is not to win a presidential election, but he is planning for a coalition just like the way he tricked former President Mwai Kibaki,” Walukhe claimed.

Walukhe termed Raila a political nuisance, and said he is scared of facing off with Uhuru in October.

He also said his region is a Jubilee zone.

“We are ready for campaigns and I wan to assure that Jubilee is going to sweep all of Western province. We will intensify our campaigns and Uhuru will get triple what he received in the August election,” the MP added.

The Supreme Court last Friday nullified Uhuru’s re-election after a successful petition by NASA.

It ordered IEBC to conduct fresh polls within 60 days, after which the electoral agency announced it will take place on October 17.

Raila has threatened to boycott the polls saying IEBC is yet to address crucial issues his coalition raised.

But Walukhe said: “We want the election to come as soon as possible so that we can send him packing completely from the political arena [sic].”

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Fanya kazi achana na matajiri watukamue


on point


Vile mungich amesema.

They have zi numbers

Upuus. We all know how it will turn out … UTTP

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Kuria kîla kînou vindya ki!!! :D:D:D

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Naona umeanzisha acronym yako ‘Uhuru The True President’


Sawa. We jibambe tu

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Uhuru Two Term President