We them Arabs

Always win

Bingwa unasumbua

Ya, Somalia has a long illustrious history of winning sporting tournaments.

Grenade throwing competition.

Hey. Your schtick has gotten old now

:D:D Si freshi

i will be sad if tunisia beat madagascar this malagasy kids got all it takes to be number 2 in this game algeria deserves th title. Nimetii warabu

@One Star to Rule Them All mumara unasumbua hata upake nywele relaxer. Wewe bado ni nywele ngumu kwa mecho yangu. Chieth maduong.


Waarabu wako sawa. But a quick one, why is that Middle East Arabs are not that gifted? Their African counterparts seem relatively better

Good observation.

Yea, we know you always win wale 72 virgins chyeth


I don’t understand how Madagascar just lost to Tunisia. I am crying.

Madagascar has played a good game but these Arabs were, tactically and technically, too much for them.

Yep, On hypocrisy & butt fucking.


Ngombe wewe

Rudishia mwenyewe simu…

Come here u sweet thing and take this long warm hug as I wipe the tears off your eyes swirry.