We should do away with the schools of journalism and source our media personalities from Churchill show.

MCA Tricky joins Radio Maisha as a presenter…congratulations.
Just recently Hamo,the fake professor, too joined Hot FM as a morning breakfast host…Kongole.
My thought… We should do away with the schools of journalism and source our media personalities from Churchill show.
Merit…will save time and resources needed to undergo the vigorous studies in journalism
Imagine a certain radio station got its presenter from the football pitch…he laughs like a ghost from Langata cemetery… Unethical.

hii ni tricky sana, na haujaambia ghost poa nanii

I second your idea and also get some mofos from ktalk two

its now a trend, join churchill stay consistent for kitu 6 months get a radio job, quite churchill and move on kunukisha kitunguu

saa hio kuna graduate ame tarmac for years na makaratasi zake na hatawai nusia mlango ya studio
alafu kuna msee analambishwa 650k PM kusema “rastaman kuomaya” [SIZE=1]sitasema ni mbusi deh[/SIZE]

it is because kenyans like being entertained more than being informed and educated. manifestations of a dumb society.

Hiyo kicheko ya ghost huwa kama koo anayejifunza kuwika.

spot on

Umesahau chipukeezy akienda Kiss 100

Rot started when Caroline Matako hired Nyambane after Classic FM was born, Maina picked Churchill and the other wannabe radio stations copied them.
whenever i hear Kihenjo on radio i feel like crying

Ebu enda youtube and search sijui radio jambo… Enda ujiskilizie tuu utajichukia. Kuna breakfast show where callers call to talk about their problems. One is a kale chic named Chero anasema vile her boyfie amtombi vizuri… Just go listen

Professional journalism is being substituted by Jokes…what a country

Sorry I meant milele fm… Here is the clip


i thought Milele is a gospel station,

Listen uniambie if they is anything gospel hapo. :D:D

upuss mtupu takataka ghasia, useless radio hosts we have there, nowonder the only radio station i listen to is BBC

Nonesense. I dont watch Kenyan TV. News mi hupata pale MMNN na Twitter na hapa kijiji.
Local TV is SHIT!!!
Wacha nidownload series ya kuona…before I switch to Aljezeera

I do not watch teefee per se,I do not listen to radio period. If its not on KTalk,probably it didn’t happen…

Hiyo ya ghost apana, I liked the guy as a coach but kicheko chake huudhi saidi.

In this age of internet nani huwaforce kusikiza radio?

How many TV stations in kenya can boast of creating the kind of content BBC creates?
How many radio stations can boast of creating the kind of podcasts NPR creates?

Also ujinga ni kufikiria that with a MassCom/Journalism degree one has to be a news reporter/reader/anchor somewhere. Kuna other aras of specialisation they can do

taja zote deree wa kayenne