We Should Consider Changing School Starting Time

Today, a friend of mind told me of a school going child found dead in a sugarcane plantation with uniform tied around her neck. This reminded me of another story a few months ago where a student was abducted, but fortunately, she was found alive --tied to a tree.

I don’t see any benefit of children having to go to school so early in the morning. I think it would be fine if the school starting time was changed from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 am. And especially during this time of the year when it’s still quite dark at 6:00 am when these tiny kids are walking to school.

chagua shule iko na hio idhaa

Africans are primitive people who like subjecting themselves and their children to all kinds of punitive tasks in life. I don’t see a good reason why our kids have to wake up so early just to go to school. Even in secondary schools, students are always expected to wake up before 5am just to be in class for preps

8 is the set School time

The problem is the school system, not primitivity. I believe this is the issue the govt is addressing with the new curriculum based system

watoto wa Nairobi huwa kwa school bus 5 asubuhi.

I know its a stupid question but why are some times of the year darker than the others? Like I noticed in the last three months of the year it gets quite dark as early as 1800hrs and the lights come at 0700hrs. Why is that so?

School infrastructure needs to be addressed urgently. The old foolishness of having “national schools, provincial schools and district schools” was basically a carryover from the colonial era where school admissions was based on race.

Instead of pursuing a moribund syllabus and engaging in petty bickering, the Ministry of Education should be focusing on improving all school infrastructure so that they are all equal and parents don’t have to put their kids on dangerous roads where any number of perverts and miscreants can put their hands on them.

Buses should be picking up these children at no extra cost and roads should be improved so that they can be picked safely as well.

But that drunken rat bastard is too busy ramming BBI down our throats. So hiyo ni ndoto tu

I think what we need is have a policy where kids can only go to schools within their locality si hii upuzi watu wanapeleka watoto shule iko 20kms away!
This would also help people to be more concerned with facilities that around them and demand better management of the same!

As a parent it is you who decides what is safe for your child. Not Magoha. Not the school principal. Not the chief.
I am usually surprised at how parents fear teachers like as if teachers are God. They are not God and they don’t own the schools that they teach in. That fear that mtoto atafukuzwa shuleni is neither here nor there. And even if it happens all you have to do is go to the local county education officer to have the child reinstated.

Off the top of my head… the Earth’s tilted axis. If it were perpendicular then we have sunsets at almost the same time all year.

If this is the set time then I think school heads have way too much freedom because as long as I have known, children have had to be in class by seven.

Hii ndio ubaya ya kusoma wakati wa matiangi

The tilt of the earth.
Same one that makes us have seasons.
Same one that makes the position of the sun to appear to move from the tropic of cancer, through the equator to the tropic of Capricorn and back.
If the earth wasn’t tilted everything would appear to be the same at all points on earth throughout the year.

School is set that early so that your kids won’t have issues with early mornings once they become slaves in Nairobi and other towns. They won’t have problems getting into a traffic jam at 6am so they can get to the office at 8am. In a sane situation, school should start at 9 am.

Mi watoto wangu watakuwa wanaanza class 8am na by 3pm wamemaliza, kama haiweskani wanakuwa homeschooled. Nilisoma mitochondria, organic chem na Van de Graaff generator, na hizo tucker tucker hazijanisaidia ku-run cyber.

Na kusoma vitu hautawai guza tena. Masomo ya kenya inafanana na DSTV.

Think Equinox,Spring eQuinox,Autumn equinox

our developed colonisers moved on to working smart but the colonised are still using matter over mind …
tuache ujinga ya :-
-kuamsha watoto 4am kuenda kindergaten

  • Kuambia watoto wanyoe …wtf
    -Tuache story ya boarding schools…
  • taking bland colonial breakfasts
  • Using foreign names for our mountains, rivers & streets

sub-saharan africans tuache ujinga jameni

Perfect summary. And at the end of it all, they end up tarmacking. V unfair. And what is it with those big back breaking school bags and a gunia of homework…
The whole system needs a complete overhaul…school here is 9.30 -3.30 primo, secondary 8.30-4 and less for A level students as they only go in when they have a lesson. This enables them to work partime and earn some money…
I perfectly understand the Kenyans that are telling me they will not vote in 2022.