we need to tame our leaders

am a stronger supporter of jubilee government ,but some of our leaders are taking the powers we have given them too far

i swear this guy is my hero…governor 2018,dp 2023,and possibly prezzo there after,but his sirens,and guns are beyond his senatorial seat,i wish he would slow down abit

2,boni Khalwale
being a rao student ,he is reading every text and doing every move that his master knows,one thing this country should realize is that rwanda genocide was started by a “tongue” Eacc should move in and arrest this senator for a hate speech line he made during Fidel burial

            for long,this guy was a pain in the ear for jubilee government and thanks be to gods,he delivered himself to our door........
         i  want this country to go digital ,but, let us respect our rights,you cannot take my content for free,and sell it to the public .......star times and GoTv should be forced to air all local channels for free.or else they pay those media houses

yours wonderful,wondering wonder

Kuongea ni rahisi.but no one will take action.let them be.for sure youve noticed these ones because of their carelessness.the really poisonous ones are not so careless.

Kama khalwale anafaa kufungwa yule mp hujaza hate speech kwa mtandao anafaa kupewa death penalty

by the way…moses kuria…ama kushoto…i think moses is the most wrong candidate tna ever picked…

Moses Kuria, Sonko, Paul Kobia <—hawa wanachomea Uhuru picha thinking that wanam-promote.

Uhuru is trying to win back Luo support eg Kibera upgrade and some developments in Nyanza but kamjinga kaingine kanamka asubuhi kutukana fore skins

Kutukanana foreskin does not change the fact that development is happening in those areas now more than ever before.

in 2018,i will not be surprised if uhuru gets more votes than rao in nyanza…remember miguna muguna has one more book to release

Luos learnt their lesson in 2002. Ni sane luo will support a kikuyu president. Maybe in 2050 tribalism ikiisha kenya. For now sahau. About Miguna you saw what happened at his book launchs in Nyanza. Na pia who will buy his books?

Na pia ukumbuke we now have DEVOLUTION. We nolonger need to depend on national govt for development.