We need to bring MIGUNA back very fast

am talking about the famous Miguna Miguna. He is a citizen by birth so how can you call him a foreigner? the illegal red alerts should be lifted and he should be compensated heavily and personally by his agitators for the inconvenience.

His kenyatalk account @WIGSPLITTA should be reinstated too. Remember, am calling for the reinstatement of @WIGSPLITTA the freedom fighter, not @patco the illiterate donkey. Remember, am the one who got Wanjiru @patco banned after he posted some nasty images on my threads. @WIGSPLITTA was collateral since Elvis Njeri @Electronics4u had a personal vendetta with him ! so he banned him too !

Do us a favour wigspipa cow for staters!

  1. Wigspipa( Genelo mwitu) raped a kenyan in toronto, what happened to the case?

  2. The victim was a relative to onyango oloo, a commrade among comraades to wigspipa.

Kwanza a sign hiyo one page document vile aliambiwa.

Tinga my love! those are some shocking revelations. how comes MM is not serving a lifetime sentence in Toronto South Detention Centre?

Do u have any evidence to bolster your claims? Perhaps clear video footage or some nice clear photos showing the 5 star general Miguna Miguna performing these acts? or some audio where i can clearly hear Miguna Miguna doing this?

or is it just hearsay and gossip? Tinga my love?

Cleophas Mirenja @Simiyu22 , where is your integrity? why do u want the 5 star general to return under heavily restricted rules?

Because we all Kenyans do.

Cleophas Mirenja @Simiyu22 ,you are a very dangerous ODM hooligan. Miguna must return unconditionally without restrictions. are we together?

It was a COurt thing. Mambo iko kwa Court hatuongelei mpaka court imalise judgment. Sasa kwa sasa Court iliamua aketi uko Canada, wacha akae uko, Court ikiamua sisi nii nani kupinga?

Wacha akae hapo Canadian Prairies basi hadi 2035, akifuruta furuta mdomo. Atarudi akiwa 84.

the famous Pablo Otieno Escobar @Jaweed!

if there is concrete evidence to prove this, surely wouldnt Miguna be cooling his heels in Kamiti Toronto branch?

@B U D E S K O = @patco = @WIGSPLITTA

@patco wewe ni psycho walai. Irredeemable mongoloid

Wigspipa bud cow, you asking question you should be asking a.k.a genelo mwitu.!!!

  1. what happened to the mother all rape case in toronto vs wigspipa.???

  2. Did wigspipa sue the police and why ( alitiwa githole its presumed) seeking to be paid public money!!!

  3. Is it true the victim was related to a commrade@arms( Rip onyango oloo).!!!

4.What happened to court order havi,willy vannila matunda,orongatang khaminwa crusade???