we need movies to document terrorism attacks

We have great films like Escape from Sobibor, Hotel Rwanda, captain Philip, Rain on Entebbe, Black hawk down, among other, all documenting real events.

We need a Kenyan film maker to produce a nice film on Westgate and Garissa university attack. It will help remind generations to come what we went through in the hands of terrorists.
Films will help us visualize what the victims went through trapped in with the terrorist and the reaction of the Kenyan security forces.

I doubt if the film maker will be able to recoup their investment from local audiences.

Or a documentary. Another thing gava can try is auction the film rights internationally.

Enyewe, it may be a challenge for kenyan film-makers to pull off such demanding movies. Lets hope a Hollywood scriptwriter will consider our story.

they can do a inspekta mwala securing westgate



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The HBO documentary was way much better… Or the one gova banned

kabisa…HBO documentary on westgate was a masterpiece;interview of the real surviovors with footage of them trapped inside.

Our retard MPigs may decide to ban the movie even before production citing ‘security breach’

documentary ya Garissa attack inaweza kaa horror ajabu … i still feel sad for the lost lives :frowning: