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A Kenyan woman by the name Wanja Mwaura has left Kenyans praising her due to her act of kindness. Wanja recently rescued her former classmate, only identified as Hinga, who was badly affected by drug abuse leaving him looking like a street urchin.

Wanja Mwaura and Hinga before he was taken to rehab
Wanja Mwaura took Hinga to rehab where he is recovering and she is calling upon well-wishers to support her so that so that she can pay for Hinga’s full recovery at the rehab.


“What can I say? I’m overwhelmed. My Friend Hinga is now doing well in rehab. Look at what God has done. Compare the photos from where we started AnD where we are now.
I, however, need your support to continue paying for the facility,” she wrote on Facebook.

Kenyans have been mesmerized by Wanja Mwaura’s act of kindness and here is what they had to say;

Joy: Be blessed.My prayer is he recovers fully.

Karanja: True expression of God’s love

Ken: That is a Gold heart be blessed

Charles: Wonderful, practical sermon. God bless.

Carol: Waah…I know that guy. Indeed this is from grass to grace. God bless you abundantly for the awesome job you’re doing.


Gilbert: Pure love. Humanity, and Godliness. Bravo girl.

Mbui: Oh maan, this is sooo humbling…. God bless you gal!

Martin: True love of humanity. Congrats siz

Wanjiku: These are the stories that I wanna hear God km bless you so much girl. Hinga will overcome this in Jesus name

Stanley: Very noble course May The Almighty God bless you.

Elizabeth: Woow…Great…Thanx be to GOD…May GOD shower you with His blessings

Kuria: Wow great transformation. God richly bless you.

Dan: Wanja Mwaura this is a real inspiration. I wanna be like you.

Otachi: God bless you and your work helping people.

Phylis: So inspiring if only we can touch someones life the world would be different

Grace: Wow am touched by what God can do…may the gud God bless you…

Miriam: What a transformation! Jamani kuna mungu

Maina: Amazing what God can do…what a transformation!

Gerald: Waah, am so proud of you Wanja. You are surely blessed. Whatever you are doing requires such a big heart. May the Lord always come to your aid at your time of need. Bless you….

Elias: God bless you, and I know and believe, God will pay in a special way,you are one in a million.

Njuguna: Can attest to his transformation for the 3 days v seen around there …It’s God’s doing n thank Him for that.today he was even better

Roman: Look what Wanja Mwaura has done. This is true Humanity.
My Faith In Humanity Restored: This Lady ran into her Old Childhood friend only to find out he is now a drug addict turned mad man roaming around the streets aimlessly so she took him to a restaurant and fed him, Then she put him in a rehab Centre fast forward to today he is now Looking Healthier and doing alot better… Show Some Love

Check out photos of Hinga after being taken to rehab




beautiful…such care towards another human being …amazing


Na kweli drugs si supu.

A heart of gold.
Is wanja married?
(Asking for @Gio)

Went to see a friend who was admitted in that rehab a few weeks ago. The place is very clean and they have great customer service.

This is amazing… But, what if pictures were not taken…??
Just saying…

Yenyewe rehab can work wonders.

Kiwaruu meza my frien’

What hypocrites wont tell u: Fisilet trying to “manufacture” a husband…:D:D:D

Who’s your fren here?? Jealous is the least of what I feel… It’s a pity that kindness is now portrayed like a big thing in this cruel world… No matter how many pictures are taken it doesn’t change the reality that there are many cruel, and inconsiderate people in this world… Reaching out to one person counts but it’s not enough… What if it wasn’t her classmate???
Many people have helped out and their pics are not revolving on social media…
This was just an opinion I don’t know where waruus are coming in all honesty VE… :slight_smile:

Good job Wanja! She’s getting can’t you tell by the size of those hips!!!

May God bless Wanja. But all those replies, no one confirmed sending funds…

Humanity is not dead…at least not in some.

Vile @addCache amesema hapo juu.

I fully understand where you re coming from. Ordinarily humility avoids show off as it stops being an act of kindness but rather a seeking for publicity. However in our current world where our phones are our cameras some of us innocently just click away. The extroverted ones go ahead and post on social media. It would thus take a lot of self restraint to avoid publicizing the good things we do. I am of the opinion that if one is to help do it quietly and the person you helped tell us if they must.

Very plausible given how hard it is to find a husband nowadays. However, she should stand warned. Kuna fisilets zingine zinangoja jamaa angarishwe ndio zichukue. Talk of male kungurus

Wanja in another pic


with your avatar you should be a guest there too

tenda wema nenda zako