We need help...Tukubali

Just check this coastal/riverine city the way its planned in China. The way the roads have been planned with incorporation of light rail. The pedestrian walk ways and roads along the coastal strip …just consider there is no building or private property that has taken over the coastal strip. Along the coastal strip are roads and pedestrian walkways and even roads. Why cannot we do a similar thing in Mombasa or Kisumu and declare that 30m from the ocean strip belongs to the govt and no private property should lay claim to that land so that roads and walkways are build there.
Kwani Waafrika shida yetu ni nini? Akili?
Just check for yourself guys.


And more videos of what Chinese miracle has achieved





You can check more on that channel and you will be ashamed of the city Nairobi you live in and what Kenya has done 50yrs after independence

tuliamua kukaa kwa dustbin, tuishi ile maisha tulichagua wenyewe bila kucomplain. hakuna mtu atatusaidia. Kama sio hivyo, tukubali sisi wenyewe, kama society, na sio viongozi, tuna shida, na tuwe tayar kubadilika.

Ni sisi wote. Society + Viongozi

We got the government we deserve ni hayo kwa sasa.

Incredible infrastructure

Can you imagine living inside a house that has a train go through it. A TRAIN. Ngai fafa, you would die of heart attack.

Weh @mlipuayote we also have the same in kenya…implrmentation ndio hard.
I think kenya sijui ni 50 metres…but here is the problem…the victoria line has been shifting up an down over the years.
In the 60s maji ilikuwa mbali sana then victoria ikajaa tu ika move inland ika consume mashamba za watu more than 50metres in wards then in the 80s tena ika recede but like a paltry 10 metres back halafu tena recently na hii filling ya grand ethiopia damn uliona vile lake ilimove inland…kama home kwetu victoria ilimove in 15 metres into our shamba na imebaki hivyo mpaka leo…we lost a few acres na watu walizikwa hizo sides their graves have been consumed by the lake.
In low lying areas near the lake itakuwa hard ku set up such infrastructure…but i would recommend guva isongesha kila mtu atleast 100 metres away from the water line.

And i forgot to mention…now when our ancestors waliland hapa…they settled right next to the lake…halafu sahi kila mtu ule ana nunua anataka kudevelop water front properties…no one is buying inland away from lake…by the way guva ikitu relocate…itatu murder…wakitutoa hapa as far as im concerned watuweka somewhere similar…kama my family imezoea waterfront property…it is apart of us…take it away and you taken apart of us…itakuwa ngumu sana.
Il think about posting pics of what the place looks like.
Its got mad history…ugandans fleeing amin, smuggling both in and out, guys fleeing out to exhile, wahindi who settled here pre and post independence and the impact they left, shrines to worship our gods and carry out rituals are still in our shambas btw, hiding spots for guys hepaing political persecution…i can go on and on.

30 metres from the ocean lakes rivers and railway lines is government land but we always support the land grabbers in the name of we dont have other options

takataka wewe uncle yako Moi and your kalenjin kin kina @Tarantinoh looted this country for 24 years to the bone and his prodigy your god the the looter from Sugoi. you have no moral authority kuongea about kenyan economy.

Si Kenya kuna Engineer wa UoN wako na BSC na MSc?

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]MSc ya Kenya ni kama Kindergarten ya China [/SIZE]

China ni shiet.

Generally, I have a problem with fools comparing a 5000 year old civilization that is now first or second in everything globally Vs. some African country that has suffered extensive exploitation for the last 500 years.

Its this kind thing that generates feelings of inferiority among nyeuthi.


Our voting habits are directly proportional to the life we live.

You have nailed it. We have a chokoraa mentality and we should live with it

What about Singapore? It is old just like kenya,right?