We must reset the civil society to accommodate our own rules. (COVID19 and other stories)

Most kenyan rules are based on what the colonials thought was good for Africa and that’s why it’s hard to implement constitution when moral differ with customs, culture differ with technology etc.
Lets look at the curfew:
You order a curfew, with same old colonial mentality that everyone will be scattered. Threaten some with beatings, same old colonial bullshit and assume the spread of corona will decrease. Actually, you cause panic, final rush to buy goods creating crowding and risks to more infections. Few weeks more cases and a big fail to economy.

Profession rules by laws and BS.
If you ask for most professional the type of standards they use, they will direct you to British standards. Years gone, some of these laws are being applied in Kenya yet in queens land, they died with colonial era.
In short, they bugged our systems making sure our ego will take us ages before we work on them. Call it civil society.

To continue…

Am afraid things will get worse…what happened in Likoni today just shows how logic is an alien thing in this country. reduce capacity of ferries and then reduce time to board with queues, then threaten people withy curfew. What did they expect? crazy crowding, tear gas, sneezing, coughing, and covid19 gets a superhighway to spread.

With a drunken bus driver,u end up in a ditch