We lost a great Klister / Ktalker

It has taken me quite sometime to come to terms with the fact that we lost a great guy, husband, father and friend to many @Theuri wa kigogoine

I’m deeply saddened by the fact that we will never see his posts again. Rest in peace my dear friend. We loved you but God loved you more.

Please let me know if you ever interacted with him. Inbox if you have any questions but let’s keep him anonymous those of us who were lucky enough to meet his beautiful soul.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

My condolences

Life is short man …RIP




This was brought to our attention but their was no one to confirm the sad news. If indeed this is true then my condolences.

Anonymity or not if such happens members should feel free to come forward so we can condole with the family. We can always find away of standing with the family.

waah tulibonga akiendea gari Mombasa sometime back… Think it was a forester. May he R.I.P

May theuri rest in peace

Waah! Juzi he was sharing information on sourcing goods from china pale inbox… He was supposed to go and pick up a machine from china…R.I.P
What happened?

It is true. MHRIP.

MHSRIP. This is a really serious issue talkers may want to help or just condole with the family. We all came forward for our brother lecturer. We can do the same here.

My sincerest condolences, we shouldn’t sit on such news. In so many ways we are family here. Soo sad.

Truedat…we may argue here but some of us help each other behind the scenes on many levels. Yes he passed on…road accident.

Rest in Peace theuri. Very insightful talker. Perhaps @David D can update us on what happened?

Waaa had read a response fulani only last month May 19 hujui 1 month after hautakua. Death is cruel we should strive to cherish what we have and each other. Condolences and may he RIP.

@Meria Mata ???

True that, we can contribute something for the family. In the long term we will come up with a till number for such misfortunes. He was a nice guy.

:saitan: Condolences. Very reasonable gentle soul. Why is always the best guys who leave us so unexpectedly. Mungu amrehemu.