We Kenyans Should Be Ashamed...

Lima, Peru has opened a park in the memory of Wangari Maathai Four years after the death of the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Kenya recognizes only thieves and land grabbers



Whuh da fuck…Si tunatambua sonko na kobia?..anyway nabii hatambuliki kwao.

Around these shores, if one ain’t an infamous politician then they cannot be heroes. That’s why we’ve named our streets right in the capital after all manner of nondescript foreigners while our own heroes go ‘unhonored’.

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I don’t see President Kenyatta plant a tree often like it was the norm with previous presidents.
Congratulations Lima for recognising Prof Maathai


Why would he do that when he did not even visit Garisa. He did not go to chiromo where a disaster desk was set up neither did he go to uhuru park for vigil. Ogandawala wajisort

why should it be strange that we honour our our “thieves”? haven’t we always danced and composed odes for our heroes; those who raided our neighbours’ kraals and returned with livestock, and, ahem, girls?


wen wil pple realise politics is a career and not a calling to serve citizens??

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Ogandawala ni nini?

Wananchi wa kawaida

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Na hiyo ni language gani??

The big problem in Kenya is that we got our priorities upside down

The reality is that its every man for himself…never put your trust in a man.

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@Deorro donge, atleast everyday I learn something new

niguo munene