we are sinking in debt at a speed of 2.5 billion per day


Kumira kumira


hapa naona kutakuwa na shida …am already looking for alternatives to Kenya …me n my fam tutaenda kukaa uko


am looking at options … viable ones …plan then execute

Jubilee will soon be a curse word

The irony where everything is failing while ouru ncba is growing tremendous!

Or an epithet. Uhuru drinks but we are the ones who get the hungovers.

They will avoid this thread like plague.

May God help us!

There will come a time when they will be denied loans, or be given conditions that they can’t meet. They will try to raise tax but it won’t be possible, at that point we be left left with infrustructure we can’t afford. That SGR will have nothing to transport for their will be no imports or exports. Uhuru will retreat back home as his family biznes collapse as well


Why do they continue to borrow at this rate!??

Yaani hakuna good news kwa hiyo frontpage. Anyway, hii yote ni kwa sababu ya Raila.



2.5 billion x 365days= 912.5 billion! Close to 1 trillion a year…